It looks like Sharknado isn’t as far-fetched as you might think, if you live in Australia that is @MMiddleton_10/Twitter

Sharknado, a 2013 B-movie farce about sharks taking over Los Angeles after a massive hurricane, is about as silly a premise as you’ll see in even that level of film.

But it turns out that something eerily similar happened in Australia recently. The country’s Queensland region of Burdekin is being levelled by Cyclone Debbie, which has dropped some 15 inches of rain and caused 160 mph winds, resulting in power outages and massive flooding.

The only people crazy enough to venture out in such weather are storm jouanalists, and one of them happened upon a five-foot Bull Shark, which was washed so far inland that comparisons to Sharknado have been circulating on social media.

Now, if you ever actually see sharks flying through the air like in Sharknado, that’s when you know to start hauling ass.

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