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There’s passionate sex and then there’s ludicrously passionate sex. It’s probably be safe to say the more intense variety is what caused a 42-year-old Chinese man to fracture his penis recently.

According to the Daily Mail, a man known as Mr. Dai from Guangxi’s Nanming city heard the terrifying sound of bone cracking while he was having sex with his wife.

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Dai was rushed to a local hospital with pain, swelling and bruising and later diagnosed with a penile fracture that tore the tissue responsible for an erection. Ouch!

Doctors were able to successfully repair Dai’s penis after emergency surgery and he’s now recovering in the hospital. Such injuries to the penis are reportedly not uncommon in men 20 to 40 years of age who engage in rough or violent sexual intercourse.

We’ve come across some horrid type injuries, but this might take the cake.

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