It’s all fun and games during a live stream, until this gamer’s mom showed up and forgot to wear clothes YouTube Screenshot

I’m sure there are a whole bunch of kids out there who have a laundry list of embarrassing moments they’ve endured at the hands of their parents, but this here might very well rank at the top.

A teenager was online playing League of Legends with some friends, when his mom walked in after forgetting one important detail…her clothing. Yep, he livestreamed his half-naked mom for all his gamer pals (and YouTube) to see. Definitely not the most ideal mother-son bonding moment.

It could’ve been much worse though, since apparently the teen and his mom both got a kick out of it and apparently people on YouTube have as well.

The real winners in all of this though? The kid’s gamer buddies. Let’s just say the Venn diagram of guys who play on League of Legends live streams and guys who’ve seen a woman half naked doesn’t exactly intersect. No doubt they’ll remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

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