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Sivi Makhmoudi is by no means a Hollywood A-lister, but that didn’t stop her from unleashing her inner diva on a producer’s Mercedes with a golf club when he included sex scenes in a movie that the Kazakhstani actress assumed would not be in the final cut.

Clearly, this was a little more than a minor misunderstanding, as Renat Basit, whose film Blind Love featured Makhmoudi in erotic scenes, sat in the driver’s seat while the pissed off actress beat the ever-living hell out of his ride.

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Per Daily Mail:

Ardakti Ertsibaeva, a spokeswoman for the movie, said: “The conflict between the two happened due to the movie. Renat Basit allowed parts of the movie that were banned by Ms Makhmoudi before it went out to retailers. She hadn’t seen the final version and it’s too late to change things now.”

The scenes Ms. Makhmoudi wanted banned are said to be of an erotic nature. But some online commenters suggested that the whole row was nothing but a PR stunt. Danielle Rumora said: “Why would a grown woman with an established position do something that cheap in broad daylight? I don’t believe them.”

Maybe the two were already filming a sequel for their movie called Blind Hate? If this is the kind of guerrilla marketing they do in Kazakhstan, consider me both terrified and impressed.