Mercedes driver finds out what can happen when you park like an idiot YouTube Screenshot

Normally in situations like this, the person who parked like an idiot is always in the wrong. This one’s not that clear-cut, though.

The guy in the Mercedes obviously parked that way so no one could get close enough to possibly scratch his car. And as we all know, strip mall parking lots are breeding ground for the anonymous door ding.

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The question is, was this an egregious enough act to warrant that level of dickheadedness, parking him in on both sides like that when the parking lot’s not even half full?

Guess that depends on how you feel about dudes that drive $50,000 cars. A better idea might be what a friend of mine does. Ever see that one car parked way off in the distance in a strip mall lot? You’ll have a long walk in front of you, but it’ll save you from paint scratches and assholes like these two.

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