Model sells her virginity in real-life Indecent Proposal Facebook screenshot

An 18-year-old model from Romania who says he was inspired by the movie Indecent Proposal has sold her virginity for a nice chunk of change.

That film stars Robert Redford as a millionaire who offers Demi Moore $1 million to spend the night with her. UK website Metro reports that Aleexandra Khefren has done far better, auctioning herself off for the life-changing sum of 2.3 million euros, or nearly $2.5 million.

“I wanted to sell my virginity rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway,” she explained. “And I think many other girls have the same attitude. How many would possibly forgo their first time in retrospect if they could have 2.3 million euros instead?”

Unsurprisingly, Cinderella Escorts, the world famous escort agency who conducted the auction, has since been deluged by offers from hundreds of young virgins.

“Over 300 virgins send us a request for selling their virginity on our website,” the agency claims. “Girls from Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, from arabic countries and from Asia. The wish of selling somebody’s virginity is no exception.”

Meanwhile, Khefren, who’s had to endure protests from her parents and their threats to disown her, says she’s been in touch with the Hong Kong businessman who won the auction and Cinderella Escorts will chaperone their initial meeting.

Oh yeah, the agency also gets a pretty sizable cut of that over $2 million—20 percent to be exact.

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