No wedding in the history of mankind is as romantic as one on a front lawn where 40-ouncers go to die Facebook Screenshot

Nothing says “I love you and will never leave you” like getting hitched on someone’s lawn while you casually pre- and post-game the pomp and ceremony with 40 ounces of the most regrettable malt liquor.

One thing’s for sure, no one will ever forget this wedding.

Yes, we are as confused as you are.

Facebook/The Uce Hub
Facebook/The Uce Hub

The justice of the peace seems legit, but what about the wedding guests?

Facebook/The Uce Hub
Facebook/The Uce Hub

He’s ready.

Facebook/The Uce Hub
Facebook/The Uce Hub

According to, these folks are named Ange and Cody are possibly gang members in a Black Power gang in New Zealand.

For some reason Cody said  “yoza” instead of “I do.”

There clearly weren’t any flowers at this wedding, so the justice of the peace, Gaye Blake-Gough, inadvertently but expertly laid the awkwardness on thick.

“I usually say you can put your flowers down, but … however,” she said.

She later called the newlyweds a “lovely couple.”

“They’re a very lovely couple and very much in love and they live in my community in Masterton,” she said. “Unfortunately the day of this particular ceremony there had been a slight hitch and that’s why it’s possibly appears more interesting. It’s complicated.”

“It’s complicated” — bless this woman.

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