Nothing gets the party going quite like a 20-foot fire tornado that launches fireworks YouTube Screenshot

You know when you’re in your backyard and you think to yourself, “you know what’s missing in my life?” A 20-foot-tall fire tornado that also launches fireworks.” Well, YouTuber Colin Furze took your totally real backyard thought and turned it into a reality.

Furze clearly knows what he’s doing, considering he managed to not start a raging forest fire. But like, where the hell does he come up with this stuff? I wouldn’t be surprised if him and his buddies just chilled in an underground bunker all day, brainstorming crazy-ass, don’t-try-this-at home type inventions.

Don’t get me wrong, this sort of stuff is super awesome to watch. But you’ve always got to be careful with people who find immense pleasure in crafting contraptions that have the capability to do a lot more than singe off your neck hair. Let’s just say that if I flip on the evening news tonight and see that a category 5 fire tornado is blazing its way through the countryside, I’ll know exactly who to blame.

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