One dude went HAM with his fists and took out an entire beach of spring breakers Twitter Screenshot

Spring break can be the perfect breeding ground for some all-out brawls. With the alcohol in excess and the partying in full force, it’s pretty easy for some people to piss off others and even easier for people to get pissed off.

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But this here wasn’t a brawl, it was a one-man wrecking crew that was demolishing anyone and anything in his path.

From my count, there were at least five dudes that felt the wrath of this wild man. Seeing this makes me glad that spring break is a thing of the past, you know with the whole being grown up and an adult thing. But if I would’ve been there, you wouldn’t have seen me anywhere near this loose cannon. Odds are, the dudes that got blasted were acting drunk and obnoxious, because after all, it is spring break.

If you see something like this going down while on your spring break, take off running or hit the deck before the deck hits you. There’s no shame in living to see another day.

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