One-legged bathroom brawler responds to getting rocked in the face with one of the most aggressive comebacks of all time YouTube Screenshot

There’s something about college football rivalries that really gets the blood pumping like nothing else. Throw in a bowl match-up on top of said rivalry and you’ve got another level of craziness on your hands.

That’s exactly what happened back in 2016 when West Virginia took on Miami in the Russell Athletic Bowl. And as you can see, the craziness wasn’t just relegated to the field but also made its way to the men’s bathroom as well.

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In a scene that seemed more fit for a movie than real life, a West Virginia fan with one leg apparently cut in line for the urinal, which really pissed off a Miami fan. This led to a heated back-and-forth, until Mr. Miami was decided to do his talking with his fist.

But it was ol’ One Leg who got the last word in, with a comeback from off the top rope that pretty much shook the stadium’s very foundation.

“I used to fuck guys like you in prison.”

Yeah, he probably should’ve checked his surroundings before tossing out that one.

That look you give when you’ll never be the same again.

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