Pay attention, Donald — here’s why, scientifically speaking, you should never eat a steak well done Twitter Screenshot

That the President of the United States, one Donald Trump, eats his steak very, very, very well done?with ketchup?much in the manner a child would, has just emerged. And really, given all we know about the man, who’s surprised?

But we’re not here to quibble over the particulars of Trump’s penchant for culinary preparation and consumption. Nah, too easy. We’re here to talk, generally, about why it’s not a great idea to overcook your steak.

It’s all?believe me?backed by a lot of science. Great science. The best.

It’s a fair amount to do with bacteria and the temperature at which protein cooks, but pretty much, once you hit 120 degrees, the denaturation of the myosin protein in the steak begins to occur, which is when the steak physically starts to shrink.

There’s a wholly in-depth rundown of the matter over at UPROXX, chock full of all the jargon and boilerplate, both scientific and culinary, you’ll want to know when you’re grilling your next cut of beef. Do give it a read?and for the love of god, stop overcooking your steaks.

(h/t UPROXX)

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