Pennsylvania man gets booked for DUI, but it’s his T-shirt that stole the show @MattBarcaroWGAL/Twitter

This exactly why T-shirts with sarcasm or puns on them should be left to the under 35 crowd.

Not only do you look like a loser to the general public if you’re wearing a shirt like this and you’re going gray, balding and a little soft in the midsection, we now live in a world where a scenario like this is perfect for the internet.

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You can’t help but feel sorry for 44-year-old Elwood Gutshall III, though. He was apparently still celebrating St. Patrick’s day when he was pulled over Mar. 19 (two days later) in Newville, Pa. with a blood alcohol level two and a half times over the legal limit and wearing the most ironic garb possible.

Unfortunately for him, that sad sack of a face in his mugshot will live on in infamy in cyberspace pretty much forever. And with a name like Elwood Gutshall III, so will this story.

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