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Who doesn’t love a good Opening Day brawl in the stands?

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Chicago White Sox fans who were ready to go Monday for Opening Day witnessed Mother Nature rain on their parade, resulting in the game being cancelled and rescheduled for Tuesday.

The fans waited for hours hoping that they’d get to see the home team take the field for the first time in 2017 only to be let down by the weather.

But the ticked off fans weren’t going to go quietly and appeared to take out their frustrations on other fans.

Thanks for this, Barstool.

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You have to figure that some of these people took off from work on a Monday just to show up early to the ballpark, sit in their upper deck seating, guzzle some beers, inhale some hotdogs and cheer for some dingers.

What they got instead was a long, annoying wait, fights and this from the team:

The game has been rescheduled for 1:10 p.m. on Tuesday, and all tickets to today’s game will be honored.

Gates will open at 10:40 a.m. Parking will also be free for ticketholders, according to the White Sox. 

For fans unable to make the opener Tuesday, the White Sox announced that all ticketholders can bring used or unused tickets to the box office and receive a complimentary lower box or outfield reserve ticket to any future White Sox game, with some restrictions.

If you can’t take off from work again, don’t worry. You’re eligible for better seats at a worse game later this year, with some restrictions.