Here’s a fight video that’s light on the back story and heavy on the ass-whooping, so while we have no idea what caused this beef to begin with, context clues tell us that the shirtless, undersized aggressor probably should’ve sized up the situation before talking serious smack around a Marine.

The fight ends almost as quickly as it begins, with Mr. Loudmouth barely having time to square up before he gets dropped and pummeled for everyone to see. It’s safe to say that this wasn’t the Marine’s first rodeo, and though his victim probably wishes he could forget this brief throwdown, an eager onlooker with a camera phone made that pretty much impossible.

This schmuck’s 0-1 record against armed servicemembers (we’re assuming this is his first military-themed rumble) is probably going to stand as is, because it’s likely he won’t be trying something like this anytime soon. Then again, the stupidity of some people never ceases to surprise us.

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