Remember when one Photoshopping trickster bamboozled the internet into thinking Harrison Ford was a big Trump guy? Twitter Screenshot

When it comes to big stories of the 2016 election, a picture of Harrison Ford “holding up a Donald Trump sign” definitely wasn’t the first, second or even 1,000th most important one. But it still managed to snag a decent amount of people’s attention, and since we’re huge fans of the man behind Han Solo, Indiana Jones and the “get of my plane!” guy as well as Photoshopping shenanigans, we thought it’d make for a decent throwback. Besides, we’ll all be speaking Russian in a couple months anyway, so may as well get the yucks in while we can, right?

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Considering that Ford is a lifelong Democrat and even slammed Donald Trump publicly before, people were pretty shocked back in December 2015 when a picture surfaced of him appearing to be straight-up campaigning for the guy.

But, like most things on the internet, it was too good to be true, and it turned out that Ford was actually holding up a “Hello Reddit” sign to promote his upcoming Reddit AMA.

Pretty funny stuff, right? Ok, now you’ve had your laugh for the day, time to start brushing up on that Russian.

(H/t Injo)

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