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If you’re a fan of quality cinema, then odds are you’ve seen the Academy Award-winning film (not actually, but talk about the ultimate snub) Super Troopers. Probably one of the most classic scenes from that movie is when they played the cat game, which simply consists of seeing who can say “meow” the most times during a traffic stop.

A hilarious concept for a comedy film, but probably not the best thing to try in real life, as reddit user jdsupreme412 recounted in a TIFU (Today I Fucked Up) post:

Not today but back when I was waiting tables at a steakhouse years ago we used to do all kinds of dumb stuff to keep ourselves entertained. One thing we did was play the infamous “cat game” from the movie Supertroopers. Basically we would follow someone out to their table and when we placed the customer’s food down we would say something like “here’s your strip steak meow”. Then, on a busy Saturday night, I followed a co-worker out and dropped of his customer’s food followed by a “here’s your chop steak meow”. Apparently, the guy thought I called him ma’am, made a big scene, called over our freshly hired new GM who ended up comping a $80 check because of his bitching. I finished my shift and was fired before I left because he said he needed to make an example of me. In retrospect, I should have called the guy a chicken fucker.

Actually, that last bit probably wouldn’t have been the best move. It’s really never a good idea to go full Farva.

(h/t Esquire)

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