Scrawny kid takes down bully with a Chuck Norris-style roundhouse, but is there more to this video than meets the eye? YouTube Screenshot

First of, these kids have got some RIDICULOUS potty mouths on them, dropping F-bombs and C-bombs like they’re getting paid for it. But I guess that’s how they do things in New Zealand (I assuming that’s where they’re from).

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But let’s get down to the heart of the issue: is this video fake or not? Just a quick scroll through this video’s comment section shows that viewers are pretty evenly divided.

I will say that the whole thing does seem like a pretty suspicious set-up. From the moment the kid recording turns the camera on to the moment he turns it off, it does kind of reek of a pre-planned situation. Because come on, no real fight video is that short with almost instant gratification. Usually, there’d be about 3-5 minutes of shit talking, followed by at least several more minutes of scuffling and maybe a knockout. Here we get less than a minute of shit talking and an immediate knockout. Too good to be true? Maybe.

Then again, maybe that’s just how they do fights in New Zealand. Short, sweet and with an ode to the great Chuck Norris.

Regardless of whether this video is fake or not, that’s one hell of a roundhouse kick from shaggy-haired kid. He for sure has a karate film career in his future.

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