She had a gun to her head and a baby in her arms, but this badass woman still showed a would-be robber she was no one to mess with ITN Screenshot

Usually it’s not a fantastic idea to play hero in a situation where you have a gun to your head, particularly in one where you also happen to be carrying a baby. Which is why this woman with ice water coursing through her veins solidified herself as one of the most badass chicks alive when she calmly put her baby down, smacked a gun-toting robber around with his own freakin’ money bag and sent him running for the hills.

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It turns out she was right to call her attacker’s bluff, because although the gun went off during their altercation, it only fired blanks. We’re guessing she didn’t know that going into the skirmish, but a badass acts first and asks questions later.

Speaking of badasses, we’d also be remiss if we didn’t give a shout-out to the dude who came in hot with a barstool and helped chase the armed goon away. He’d make a great sidekick to the fearless mom, and the pair could just travel around together, foiling robberies and snatching up headlines.

Your move, Marvel. Let’s make it happen.


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