She may have had her parking space stolen, but this lady 1000% got the last laugh YouTube Screenshot

Almost everyone has been in this exact situation before or in one similar: you’re driving around looking for a spot in a crowded parking lot. After a couple trips around the lot, you finally find that empty space. Hell yeah! You go to back into it, because hey, it’ll be easier to pull out of afterwards, but then wham!…in an act of automobile Jiu-Jitsu, someone pulls up out of nowhere and snatches the spot right from under your nose.

Most people would curse a few times and then just start the search all over again for another spot, but when it happened to this lady, she wouldn’t take defeat for an answer. And God bless her soul because of it.

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Instead of simply hurling obscenities and driving off, the resourceful reverser utilizes her car’s features to take the upper hand, expertly maneuvering into half a spot and then climbing out of the car’s retractable roof. It’s such an awesomely diabolical move, she deserves some sort of medal for this.


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