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You’re on the beach, spring break is in full effect, and you just so happen to stumble across a dead shark. Do you a) keep walking, leaving the dead animal undisturbed? b) call on the local lifeguard or wildlife authority to remove the carcass? or c) use the shark’s teeth to shotgun a beer? Well, it looks like one bro chose Option C, and he might be regretting it.

In a video posted on Total Frat Move, this brah uses a dead shark’s teeth the way you’d use a key or a pocketknife to pierce a can of Michelob Ultra before sloppily shotgunning the brew, getting beer pretty much everywhere.

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Per BroBible:

The backlash on Twitter including people saying, “I hope the shark ate his arm off.” Another Twitter user said, “hope he gets some type of parasite after doing this.” One person said, “so not okay. sharks deserve enough respect to not be used as a drinking prop by boys with a single digit IQ but ok pal.”

Some said they were contacting PETA about the video.

Though the shark was clearly already dead, it seems like there might be something, you know, kind of wrong about using a shark’s carcass to shotgun a beer. We’re not making any judgments, here, but the rest of the internet certainly is.

(h/t BroBible)

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