Some young douchebag trying to start trouble with an older guy learned his lesson the hard way YouTube Screenshot

Some kids seem to have a hard time respecting their elders, and this here is a perfect example.

A young punk seemed to be giving some older man a hard time, as he kept pestering him and throwing punches at him. Apparently someone had enough of this jerk’s attitude, and it wasn’t the old dude.

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A guy wearing a blue hoodie worked his way towards the youngster after he kept giving the old guy grief. The punk went after the old man again, but this time, he caught a right hook to the face that put his ass on the ground with a quickness.

The dude in the hoodie hightailed it out of there, because you know, of the sucker punch and everything. Maybe not the most fair way to end a fight, but it definitely got its message across.

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