Someone created an artificial sex doll that’s capable of emotional closeness, and we’re trying to figure out why YouTube Screenshot

Believe it or not, they’ve created a sex doll with capabilities of switching to various emotional modes, ranging from romantic, to family, and to sexy.

The doll, who goes by Samantha, yes she has a name, was presented on camera this past week in Barcelona. Supposedly Samantha responds to touch in different erogenous areas of the body. Sounds pretty creepy, right?

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Sergi Santos, one of the creators of Samantha, explained that she was designed to be interactive and likes to be touched.

“She has different modes of interaction,” Santos said. “She has romantic, she has family and she has sexy modes.”

“You can touch in the hips, in the arms, she likes to be kissed,” he said. “She also responds to the G spot and the breasts.”

We’re not quite sure about the whole doll concept. But, does creating one with emotional capabilities defeat the purpose of having a doll, as opposed to a real woman?

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