Spring breakers eager for a fight challenged a guy to “do something” — then the bodies hit the floor YouTube Screenshot

If you egg someone on to “do something,” it’s probably a good idea for you to be prepared for that person to do just that, but these spring breakers challenging beefing dudes to throw down clearly didn’t anticipate having a one-man wrecking crew on their hands.

The fighter in question was prepared to drive away in his buddy’s car and everything, but his antagonists just wouldn’t quit, so eventually, he went in fists swinging, stunning one guy and knocking two to the ground.

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Of course, once Mr. Golden Gloves did most of the work, a couple other of his buddies, eager to college their medals of honor, jumped in to clean up the mess.

Because everyone knows that kids these days dont really have fun on spring break until they get to beat someone up.

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