Superman and Batman teamed up to beat up a homeless man, and it was no corny street performance LiveLeak Screenshot

At first glance, this looks like it could be a really bad back alley street performance, but what really happened here is far more ridiculous.

Vegas street performer James Rich (the guy dressed as Superman) says he came to the defense of his Batman-costumed friend when he was assaulted by a traffic cone-wielding homeless man.

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“It’s kind of funny that I got so many hits on YouTube for it. That’s not what I wanted to be on YouTube for…The way this whole thing even started was he ended up assaulting the Batman I was with,” Rich told Crave Online. “It was with a traffic cone, in a sexual way.”

The video starts with Superman kicking the homeless guy’s ass, but Rich says Batman was scuffling with the man first, then he jumped in when things starting escalating.

“He apparently thought I was joking,” Rich said. “I defended myself. I guess I lost my temper a little bit more. He just wasn’t willing to stop.”

Where else could you see Batman and Superman tag-teaming a homeless dude but Vegas?

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