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It sounds more like a power-up in a video game than a sexual feat, but scientists have recently discovered that there’s such a thing as a super orgasm. Consider us super interested.

According to The Sun, it’s possible for some women, albeit very few, to climax as many as 100 times in the matter of a few minutes. That’s crazy! While some women probably struggle to have one orgasm with certain partners, there are women roaming the planet Earth that seem to be the masters of the orgasm.

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Apparently conditions have to be optimal in order for 100-time orgasm to to happen. The experts think a combination of relaxation, yoga and bonding can contribute to this ultimate euphoric state. Also, the fortunate individuals tend to have better blood flow to their genitals compared to the average single orgasm women.

According to the investigators, it’s important to turn off the brain in a way — becoming less engaged and letting go — to achieve the super O. It was also found that men with longer penises give women a better chance to go super. Go figure.

With all of this newfound information, we’re on the hunt for the unicorn known as the super orgasmic woman. Talk about a huge confidence boost.

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