Texas man spots a chain link fence and falls in love at first sight — a homeowner didn’t feel the same way Newsfix/screenshot

Was it the missing link — to his love life?

A Texas homeowner was horrified to discover that a naked 32-year-old man was getting busy with the chain link fence that separated her home from his.

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No’fence, Eleodoro Estala, but this kind of thing isn’t cool.


Here’s what Travis County police had to say about what they observed that fateful day:

[Witness] Diana [Vasquez] … observed her neighbor printing own the side of the fence that operate their property. She started filming him with her cell phone. The male saw her and took off his clothes. He put his mouth inside the chain link fence and stuck his tongue out moving it up and down. She stated it appeared he was a demonstrating a sexual act of “eating out the fence (Cunnilingus). Diana stated she observed the h/m stick his erected penis in to the chain link fence and started to “have sex with the fence.” Diana stated it appeared he thought the fence was a female.

Yes, this is what it says in a real life police report that you can read in full at The Smoking Gun, where there is also a picture of the “female” fence.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, police said Estala appeared intoxicated, was uncooperative, believed he was in his apartment and denied having sex with a fence.

The cause of his apparent intoxication was not specified.

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As a result of his offense, Estala was charged with indecent exposure and had his bail set at $2,500.

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