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The owners of a massage parlor in Texas must be cursing themselves for not hanging a sign after a condom-clogged toilet led to the takedown of their prostitution ring.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that Austin police were alerted to something extracurricular going on at Jade Massage Therapy LLC when a waste pipe became clogged and destroyed by hundreds of condoms. This after the realty company that manages the property told authorities back in February about their suspicions that the business was also engaging in prostitution.

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Sgt. Kevin Covington of the Austin Police said the clogged pipes unfortunately had to be collected as evidence.

“I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” he said. “It’s not the normal tip you would get, or lead you would get on a place committing criminal activity, but it happened, so that helped us out.”

Further bolstering the case (not that it needed it) is an incident at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport just days before the pipe discovery. Juan Wang, one of the owner’s of the business, was found carrying $30,000 in cash in several duct-taped bundles.

She told police the money was for a medical procedure she was having in China, and she was later allowed to board the plane. But as dumb luck would have it in situations like this, Wang left authorities with a phone number that was connected to a account featuring ads for the various sex services offered by a second Jade Massage Therapy location.

A subsequent raid of that business found Wang in a room with a naked man as well as another female employee with a naked man in another room. Wang and her husband, co-owner of the business, are reportedly charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and money laundering.

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