The T-shirt a drunk driver was wearing at the time is as laugh out loud funny as it is stupid Connecticut State Police
Connecticut State Police

Nothing says idiot quite like a person who gets arrested while wearing a shirt that fits their stupidity to a tee.

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You know, people like this guy:

Or this guy:

Tulsa Police Department

Or that guy:

Lewiston PD

Thanks to Harrison Wootton, 25, we can add another person to the long line of shameless miscreants who’ve worn their emotions on their sleeve — or in this case, worn their actions on their chest.

Connecticut State Police

The Connecticut man was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) and a host of other problems, including: misuse of plates and registration, failure to maintain a proper lane and failure to have insurance.

Thankfully, the intoxicated driver did not harm anyone else. Instead, he crashed his car at 1 a.m. into the stone wall of a cemetery and then tried to escape.

You can understand why he tried to run, considering the car wasn’t registered or insured and had plates belonging to another vehicle.

According to NBC Connecticut, Wootton admitted that he had a beer and some vodka an hour before he crashed.

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We’d say “never change, Mr. Wootton. Never change,” but change is exactly what he needs to do right now.

Starting with his shirt would help.

Wootton has been released on $500 bond in will appear in court nine days from now.

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