There’s A LOT more pee in pools than you probably realize Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With spring right around the corner and warmer weather on the horizon, the thought of hitting the swimming pool is probably fresh in your mind. But after seeing these pee-centered statistics, you might want to think twice about taking a dip in the local watering hole

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It’s common knowledge that with swimming pools comes pee. But most people feel like it’s no big deal, because, you know, the chemicals will neutralize it or something, right? Well chemicals or no chemicals, there’s a whole lot more pee in pools and hot tubs than you probably thought.

According to Travel and Leisure:

A new study, published this month in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, suggests that as many as 20 gallons, or 75 liters, in a large swimming pool may be pee. For three weeks, researchers calculated the levels of ACE in public and hotel swimming facilities (and one private residence, just for good measure). What they found was that ACE occurred in measurable quantities in every single body of water, and at concentrations much higher—about 570 times—than Canadian tap water.

In a smaller swimming pool (about half of an Olympic-size pool), there still may be about 8 gallons, or 30 liters, of urine.

Hot tubs, however, are the worst. The study includes one hot tub that contained “more than double that of any other sample taken.”

Now we already knew these public pools and hot tubs had massive amount of urine in them, but the amounts are way more than we would’ve thought. Just imagine how much the tests would indicate if these pools didn’t have filters.

It looks like we’ll be skipping out on the pools this spring break. At least the public ones.

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