These drunken vandals get their asses handed to them by one pissed off shopkeeper YouTube Screenshot

If you’re ever in Russia and you have plans of vandalizing a shop, make sure it isn’t this guy’s shop. Apparently, two drunk vandals thought it would be a good idea to punch and kick the outside of a shop. But what happened next is exactly what they deserved.

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The shopkeeper emerged from the shop with the the vandals following right behind him. He used some pretty sweet judo moves  and took the first guy out with a hip toss. When the second guy walked outside, he wasn’t as fortunate as his buddy and caught a right hook to the face. The two lie on the ground, side-by-side in their drunken stupor, with only the thoughts of how they just had their asses handed to them.

Maybe next time they’ll think twice before they go damaging the property of others.

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