These two friends somehow managed to hug it out even after one of them KO’d the other Facebook screen shot

It’s not too often when people have beef that they just throw some blows and hug it out. But that’s exactly what happened here with these two dudes.

We live in a time where people are quick to shoot first, then ask questions later. One where kids are afraid to take a good old fashioned ass-whooping. But these two bros squared up and exchanged some punches, in a fist fight that would make a lot of old school people out there proud.

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It was brief and to the point, but the best part was after the dude rocking the jorts put his buddy on the ground with a mean right hook, then picked him up and gave him a hug.

Not saying a fight between friends should ever be a go-to option, but if it ever comes down to that, this is how it should be done.

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