This accused burglar is in jail after messing with the wrong woman and her gun Facebook screen shot

A Forest City, Arkansas woman was sick and tired of her business being burglarized, so she decided to do something about it. Now 31-year-old James Ray Davis is facing charges, after Forest City Police said he burglarized her business multiple times.

According to WREG3-TV in Memphis, Lisa Douglas’s business had been broken into three times since December, with the last time being less than 48 hours before this incident. Committed to not letting this happen a fourth time, she decided to stay the night and brought her along her little friend — a gun.

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Just before she took a nap, the last thing she did was pray. She told the TV station:

“Just God let me be safe and I had no longer got that thought out of my head and I heard something at the window and I thought, Oh that’s gotta be wind that can’t be somebody coming in.”

But, that’s exactly what it was. She spotted a man breaking a window, called 9-1-1, and as soon as the suspect was in eyesight, she trained the gun right on him.  Police arrived minutes later and arrested Davis.

She discussed how she was sick and tired of people coming and taking things, as well as destroying her business.

“Come in, take whatever they wanted and trash the place or both and then leave out the front,” Douglas said.

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