This baseball fight happened more than 15 years ago and still holds up as one of the craziest brawls ever YouTube Screenshot

Here’s a melee that after more than 15 years still holds up as one of the wildest baseball has ever seen.

It happened during a July 3, 2001 minor league matchup between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons when Sox outfielder Izzy Alcantara took serious offense to a brush back pitch by Red Barons pitcher Blas Cedeno.

Rather than give a hard look or hurl a few epithets, Alcantara skipped the pleasantries and took it about 10 steps further by kicking the catcher then charging the mound.

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Everyone in uniform, including coaches and even an ump or two, seemed to quickly converge on the pitcher’s mound. When the dust settled, four players were fined and suspended—Alcantara and Cedeno received a six-game and one-game suspension, respectively.

Ever since then, it as stood the test of time and has been mentioned on many lists as one of the dirtiest plays in sports history.

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