This Canadian-tuxedo-clad, snowmobile-jumping, mullet-rocking dude is an absolute legend Facebook/LarryEnticer69

Larry Enticer, much as his (real?) last name indicates, simply reeks of sex appeal. This middle-aged, mulleted maniac flossing a Canadian tuxedo is pretty much the real deal?and watching him attempt a record-breaking snowmobile jump is guaranteed to get your motor runnin’.

The caption to this video reads: “LARRY PUT ON HIS DENIM SPACE SUIT AND SENT IT TO THE MOON !!!” so you know he means business.

Of Enticer, VICE reports:

Clad head to toe in denim with a mullet proudly blowing in the wind, Enticer is starting to gain fans in the Great White North?with some videos getting a couple million views. This came as a little bit of a surprise to the hero himself as the videos, at first, were just of him and his friends fucking around.
The Pegasus to Larry?s Perseus is a 340 Yamaha Enticer from ?79 that he?s had for five years or so. He grew up on an acreage in the outskirts of Toronto?where he still resides?jumping both old-ass snowmobiles and motocross. Now, the 21-year-old is a mechanic for off-road play things and spends his free time in the winter building jumps to take to the sky.
Enticer hinted that the secret to his success, as with all good men, is his mullet.
?I?ve had the mullet for as long as I can remember,? he said. ?All through school, growing up, I?ve had this mullet and I?ve just never cut it.?
The man in denim laughs in the face of danger and spits in the face of gravity?he and that sled of his are going to the moon.
?People just like the hair, me launching that thing as far as it can go and seeing what happens on the landing,? Enticer said with a laugh.


Simply put, Larry, you are a god among men, and we salute you.

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