This disturbing video shows a road rager trying to mow down bicyclists with his minivan YouTube Screenshot

In Elyria, Ohio, one road-raging driver let his emotions get the better of him as he attempted to mow down a group of kids on bicycles.

According to WKBW7, while three young men were out riding their bikes, a blue Chrysler minivan pulled up behind them. Apparently the driver of the van was feeling some type of way, because next thing you know, he hit one of the bicyclists, then proceeded to drive after the others.

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The driver ended up striking another man as he fled, eventually hitting two of the three individuals.

Captain Chris Costantino of the Elyria Police Department told WEWS Cleveland that the driver “made reference to the fact he would run over the other ones too.”

Captain Costantino said they are looking for a middle-aged heavyset man.

“Obviously this is a person that we want to find and take into custody quickly before he harms someone else,” Costantino said. “I think that this person probably lives in this general area, so I hope someone will come forward quickly with information so we can get him identified, or maybe he’ll turn himself in once this gets out.”

The driver could be looking at a felonious assault charge, according to the Elyria police. There is no further information available at this time.

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