This drone footage of an overflowing California dam is incredible and terrifying at the same time YouTube Screenshot

Here’s some truly astounding footage of a drone flying over the Monticello Dam in the Napa region of California. That hole you’re seeing is a spillway, which helps manage the water levels of Lake Berryessa. This feature is especially important when you consider that northern California’s been seeing a tremendous amount of rain these past few weeks, and a few of its dams are at risk of flooding, causing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of locals.

Per Gizmodo:

Now that California is finally getting a heavy dose of rain, the spillway at Napa’s Monticello Dam—referred to as the “Glory Hole” by the locals—is working overtime to manage the water levels in Lake Berryessa. Every second, over 48,000 cubic feet of water is sent down to Putah Creek below. It might not have anywhere near the immense power of a real black hole that can even suck in light, but you do not want to ever find yourself circling this drain.

First of all, it’s definitely a relief that at least one dam—along with the surrounding area and the regions citizenry—is safe from flooding. Second: hehe, “gloryhole.”

(h/t Gizmodo)

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