Bearded dude’s crazy workout routine gets outshined by some old fella shooting free throws YouTube Screenshot

Chalk this up as a loss for muscle-bound douche nozzles and a win for senior citizen free throw shooters everywhere.

In an effort to show off his physical endurance, one bearded gym rat decided to pull off some crazy workout stunt, but was totally outshined by an elderly gentleman with a dead-eye aim from the free throw line.

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The bearded buster with a cheesy rib tattoo went a slight bit overboard as he stacked dumbbells well into the air, then began to balance himself into a series of vertical push-ups. The only problem with his feat of strength is that the older fella in the background was draining free throws like he was Steve Nash in his heyday.

Maybe next time this turbo thinks about posting a video of himself trying to show off, he’ll make sure he’s not being outdone by an old man in the background.

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