This personal trainer and Russian pro football player does straight-up stupid things in the weight room Twitter Screenshot

Alexander Khokhlov goes by the nickname Guilty Killa, but the only thing he should feel guilty about is subjecting his body to these ridiculous ass workouts on a daily basis.

The personal trainer and Moscow Patriots wide receiver has been hitting the gym since he was 16 and has taken to posting videos of crazy workout stunts that no one should be able to pull off, like doing ring pushups with a tire on his back or holding 210 pounds worth of weight in one hand while pushing himself off the ground.

We get it dude, you lift.

Ol’ Guilty Killa must be chasing his vodka with massive amounts of creatine or something, because this is not something a normal human does in the weight room.

But hey, I’m sure this is exactly what Russia’s Got Talent is looking for in a contestant.

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