This troop of kangaroos made for one interesting round of golf YouTube Screenshot

If you’ve ever played golf in Florida, you know from time-to-time you’ll run into the occasional alligator on the course. But the gator moves, or you go around it, then go on about your business.

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This situation in Australia was slightly different. For starters, we’re not talking about alligators, we’re talking about freakin’ kangaroos. These dudes encountered so many kangaroos while out playing golf, that it’s a wonder they could even play at all.

An entire mob of at least 100 of these bouncy sons of guns took over the course like they were there to stay. But the golfers went about, as nonchalantly as they possibly could, and continued to play their game. One of the guys hit a shot with his 9-iron that apparently hit one of the kangaroos. We’re not quite sure if there’s anything in the rules to deal with kangaroo strikes, but after seeing this, there should be.

We’re a little unsure as to how we’d handle ourselves in this predicament, but as long as the kangaroos are peaceful, we could probably manage.

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