This white hot tungsten cube made for one seriously badass food-based experiment YouTube Screenshot

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you drop a scorching hot tungsten cube onto some different food items, then today’s your lucky day.

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The folks over at the Beyond the Press YouTube channel first showed exactly what happens to a steak when a white hot tungsten cube is applied. The results were rather surprising, the cube literally melted right through the steak. While it isn’t an effective way to cook an entire steak, it’s definitely capable of burning the crap out of certain areas.

The next victim was a watermelon, and after seeing what happened to the steak, we thought the watermelon would be no match for this fiery object. But prior to contrary belief, the watermelon proved to be a fierce opponent, not wavering to the heat. So, for the next attempt they put a hole in the melon, then dropped the cube inside. The results were much like we expected, the watermelon was boiling uncontrollably, but when it was cracked open, it was in surprisingly good shape.

Isn’t science awesome?

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