This WWE superstar isn’t completely discounting the flat Earth theory…wait, what? YouTube Screenshot

With this past week’s emergence of Kyrie Irving’s ridiculous theory that the Earth is flat, it seems as if others have jumped aboard this ship. Draymond Green, rapper B.O.B. and most recently, wrestler AJ Styles, have let it be known that they aren’t completely discounting the premise that the Earth could indeed be flat.

On a episode of WWE Talking Smack, Styles was called a flat-Earther by host Daniel Bryan, and while Styles does admit that he’s not entirely a flat-Earther, he does say that there’s more to it:

“I do not think the world is flat,” he said. “I’m just saying, there’s some stuff about it.”

Maybe just stick to doing your thing in the ring, pal. Seriously, what the hell is this dude smoking?

We’re not sure what’s transpired over the past week or so. But it feels like we’ve gone back in time about 525 years.

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