Urine for a treat when you see where this extremely drunk man decided to pass out Facebook/Thump

Was this man taking a piss? Taking the piss? Both?

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A Hawaiian shirt-clad party boy with a hue that matched the theme of the moment was discovered cozying up to a community urinal that looked more like a trough or a latrine.

We’ve all been there — well, not there exactly. We’ve all been “in that neighborhood” of stupid.

The picture was snapped in England and posted to Facebook with the message, “Seen some stuff in my 22 years on the door but that’s a first! Lol!”

LOL, indeed.


The photo was soon shared with the world by Thump.

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How drunk does one have to be to confuse the urine of strangers collected on steel for comfort?

We’re not about to test those limits. Also, he has no socks. Socks to be him.

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