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We’ve already seen our share of spring break antics.

Whether it’s grannies getting turnt with the ladies, a mob of college kids chasing after cops on the beach or people getting straight-up knocked out cold, spring break in America has pretty much gone as expected.

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But if you thought you’ve already had your fill, allow us to interject.

Y'all gotta stop jumping in shark tanks (but if you do, send the videos to

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The aptly named Total Frat Move (TFM) has shared a video of a dude jumping into a pool that had sharks in it.

Talk about jumping the shark.

TFM hilariously non-encouraged people to send in more videos like this. It’s in the spirit of ‘Not that we would recommend you jumping into a shark-infested pool or anything, but if you do… send it our way.’

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“Y’all gotta stop jumping in shark tanks (but if you do, send the videos to,” they wrote on Instagram.

The short video shows the sharks doing what sharks do and dumb humans doing what dumb humans do.

“Dude get out, get out, get out!” one bro says, while the other scrambles to safety and says “Ohhhh shit!”

No one got hurt, but it’s worth noting that one of the sharks came awfully close to taking a chunk out of this guy.

Instagram/Total Frat Move

As Maxim noted, this shark pool is at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas.