We’d say this German glamour model who wants to tan until she’s a “dark crispy brown” is off to a fantastic start YouTube Screenshot

Just from getting a glimpse of Martina Big, it’s clear that she doesn’t know too much about moderation. Her last name is no coincidence; she tends to go big with everything.

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She’s well known for her 32-S breasts, which she claims are the largest in Europe. But believe it or not, her boobs aren’t what everyone’s talking about. Big has decided to go all out with her new “extreme tan,” which makes extreme seem like an understatement. She’s had tanning injections to turn her white skin to a mahogany brown, but it appears she might have overdone it.

Before she became obsessed with tanning, she used to be pretty hot and was accurately self-described as an “extreme, exotic, real life Barbie.” But apparently that wasn’t enough, and she wanted to add “dark crispy brown” to that description. We’d have to say, she’s far exceeded her expectations, because she’s definitely dark and crispy, but she looks a little bit darker than brown, actually a lot darker.

The craziest part…she wants more injections and continues to use her tanning bed at her house. By no means are we experts, but it seems like this would be a good time for an intervention.

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