We’re still trying to figure out how the hell this Porsche commercial got itself banned in Europe YouTube Screenshot

Considering we’re not living in good ol’ wholesome, Mom, Pop and little Jimmy days of the 1950s, commercials are allowed to push just a few more boundaries than they did when they pretty much the only things being advertised were Hoover vacuums and TV dinners.

If you’ve flipped on the TV anytime in the past, I don’t know, 20+ years, you know that a lot of the jokes and innuendo used in commercials nowadays would find themselves right at home in a Judd Apatow movie.

Which is why we were pretty surprised when we heard that this Porsche commercial from a few years ago actually got banned in Europe, a country that seems to be a whole hell of a lot more lax with it’s sexual content than the U.S.

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This begs the question: what exactly is too raunchy about this ad? Sure, the hot chick flashes her boobs, but she’s not exactly the most scantily clad when it comes to the lingerie department. We’ve seen more revealing stuff in a Dorito’s commercial.

Is it the fact that the Porsche gets a car boner? Does that really categorize as NSFW in Europe these days?

Sure, we’re probably getting a little too worked up over a 30-second TV spot from more than five years ago, but it beats talking about the real issues.

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