What would you do if you saw one of these driving down the highway? Facebook Screenshot

We’ve seen amphibious cars that drive around like all is normal, then next thing you know they up and drive into the water, and low and behold they’re boats. This here is the complete opposite. It’s definitely the first time we’ve seen anything this crazy, and it’s totally awesome.

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Imagine driving down the road, when out of nowhere, a speedboat passes you on the right side. Not a car-boat like we mentioned before, but a boat-car. That’s exactly what happened to this fella, as he was cruising down the highway.

Suddenly we feel the urge to go street fishing, and obviously, we’d like to have our very own boat-car. The possibilities would be endless if we scored one of these contraptions. So, now that’s our number one goal, get a boat-car, then go fishing.

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