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Warning: This video contains strong language. 

From YouTube description:

I am not entirely sure what the argument was over. But as I was leaving [QuikTrip] I heard something to the effect that the white guys almost hit the black guy as he was crossing the street.

After I stopped filming nobody was doing anything to help dude off the ground so I literally picked this dude up like he was a rag doll and carried him over to one the concrete potters that sit out front of QT’s. He eventually caught his breath and moved on.

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Who knows what really started this whole thing, but one thing’s for sure: boss man in the green shirt sure ended it. It started out as a pretty even match-up for a good 10 seconds before Fisticuffs McGee gained the upper hand.

And he doesn’t stop after he gets his point across. His previously mouthy opponent has basically conceded defeat, but the big dude just keeps throwing a million punches like he’s trying to break a high score or something.

Then there’s the tough guy hype man in the orange shirt, who is pretty much the ultimate loser in this scenario. Doing none of the work and acting like he was just crowned heavyweight champ. You’re a great cheerleader, bro. Good for you.

But the worst part about this has to be the aftermath. Everyone goes on about their day while our friend from New York tries to figure out what decade he’s in. Hopefully next time he remembers to get backup before talking trash.