With one swift right hook, this dad put a drunk punk in his place YouTube Screenshot

Not all heroes wear capes, but some of them wear swim trunks.

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Sometimes it’s not always a good idea to play peacemaker and insert yourself into an already heated situation, but this dad definitely made the right move when he stepped between a drunk dude and a couple of girls that he was bothering on the beach.

Getting wasted and scaring girls off is the ultimate party foul, and this elder statesman of the beachside party was just trying to maintain good vibes to the scene. And with one vicious right hook, he did just that.

Our wannabe hot shot clearly watched one too many episodes of Jersey Shore with clearly nothing to back up his tough guy routine. In the end, he took a much-needed sand nap, while his friend had the misfortune of trying carry his dead weight back to their spot. Hey, sometimes the douche life is harder than it looks.

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