You won’t be seeing these adult-themed cereals at your local supermarket @DavidPapp/Twiter

Ever wonder why a lot of cereals are geared specifically towards kids when adults also make up a fair share of the market? Yeah, neither have we.

But some people have, apparently, and London-based startup Cereal Motel has come up with a cheeky idea to counter that. The company is dressing up the boxes of its new line of adult-themed cereals with some sexually suggestive parodies of well-known cereals, as well as logos a bit too risque for aisle number 12 at your local Acme.

There’s Booty Pops, a spoof of the popular Kellogg’s cereal Sugar Pops.

Sugar Tits, and we’re not exactly sure what the parody is here. Maybe Frosted Flakes because of the color scheme, but certainly nothing else.

Porn Flakes, which is obviously poking fun at Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Although, the rooster on that box has been replaced by a curvy, well-endowed female chipmunk or the like.

And finally, there’s Vice Krispies, a spoof of the popular Rice Krispies brand cereal. Only instead of elves you get the retro sexy girl in martini glass neon sign image.

Clearly, you won’t be picking these up at the corner market. They’re only sold online and at about $10.80 a box, they don’t come cheap.

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