A 47-year-old man shoved a drinking glass where the sun don’t shine, and he really shouldn’t have done that BMJ Case Reports Screenshot

As embarrassing as it might be to visit the emergency room with a foreign object stuck in your anus, doctors say that shouldn’t stop you because they’ve likely already experienced something similar.

Something like what happened to a 47-year-old Italian man who recently went to the hospital with a drinking glass lodged in his rectum, which he said he inserted it for sexual pleasure and was unable to remove for two days.

The unnamed man reportedly tried to extract the glass himself but it broke in the process (maybe the most painful scenario ever conceived of), which is when he finally decided he better get to a hospital. Incredibly, the man suffered no internal bleeding from the incident and he made a full recovery after emergency surgery.

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Cases like this are reportedly on the rise, especially in men. Doctors say the most common items extracted are sex toys, bottles and vegetables.

Doctors, however, warn against the dangers of inserting anything into your body that could shatter into sharp shards (Gee, thanks), saying the potential exists for anal sphincter injuries, inflammation or narrowing of the anal canal or tears in the rectum.

We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that’s something most of us don’t need to be cautioned against.

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